lokahi creations

Lokahi= 調和、統一、合意、などを表すハワイ語

Creations = 創造する








To create Lokahi(Hamorny) is a company's mission. To make a balance, to be lived in a harmony is essential to all the living things on this planet. There are wars and crimes because of inharmonious, your health condition depends on how you make balance your self between your body, mind, spirit. Unbalance phenomenon brings huge environmental issues in all over the world. 

If we are all in a balance, live in a harmony with love, we can dedicate more love to ourselves, and others too then to bring back ourselves.

My goal as Lokahi Creations is to be part of any actions that will brings the balance and harmony back to this world. I will move forward, step by step, with integrity, passion, motivation, creativity to make action, and most of all, do all things with LOVE.

Love and Aloha

ハワイを始め、色々な情報はFACEBOOKで日英バイリンガルで更新中。こちらのブログは、何となく思うことをランダム不定期に綴っています。Go to Facebook page for my updates in English, Mahalo:)


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