Make your wish, and Heal the planet

its a new moon around the corner, it'll be around 9:18 this evening. the day of new moon it is said that you make your wish and it'll come true. i guess it's pretty much popular info so lots of you guys know it already. but you wouldn't know much about today's new moon is especially strong and powerful that today is a crystal day and your energy and power easily goes up to the cosmic. And around 10:30pm- 3am, you may see some shooting stars in the east. good luck. when you make a wish, of course go ahead make YOUR wish, and then please make a wish for the planet. if everyone think this at the same time in continuously in the conscious mind, it will be the enormous power to heal the planet. its that easy. no matter what. no matter how technologies improves, how economic develops, they can't beat human being's mind & consciousness. so.....? make YOUR wish first. then MAKE a wish for the earth. lets do it everyone. Love

Love and Aloha

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