my favorite pule(prayer, blessing). お気に入りのチャント。元気が出ます。
I KU MAU MAU*(Huapalaより)

ONE: I KU MAU MAU! (Stand up together )

ALL: I KU WA!( Stand and shout)

ONE: I KU MAU MAU (Stand together )
I KU HULU HULU (Haul with all your might)
I KA LANAWAO!(Under the mighty trees)

ALL: I KU WA!( Stand at intervals)

ONE: I KU LANAWAO!(Stand up among the tall forest trees )

ALL: I KU WA! (Stand at intervals)
I KU WA HUKI! (Stand at intervals and pull)
I KU WA KO! (Stand at intervals and haul)
I KU WA A MAU! (Stand in place and haul )
A MAU KA EULU! (Haul branches and all)
E HUKI E! (Haul now)
KULIA!(Stand up)

This chant, is from David Malo's Hawaiian Antiquities and was sung when the great logs for  canoes and/or heiau idols were hauled.  The spirit of the chant calls for the joining together of people for a single purpose.  This chant carries a lot of mana and provides spiritual uplifting.  Today, this chant still brings us together and asks us to work together to accomplish our goals. 
My Favorite voices of i ku mau mau MP3 audio

Love and Aloha

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